Built for Your Comfort

Low Noise

LavvieBot S's noise level is 26.5dB, less than the noise level of an average residential bedroom, so that your cats’ sensitive hearing won’t be disturbed.

Easy to Adapt

Even if your cat is initially cautious, LavvieBot S's easily detachable tray lets your cat adapt to the new environment in a matter of days. After the adaptation period, your cat will recognize it as a safe place to enter and use.


LavvieBot S effectively neutralizes odor through its gel-type deodorizer. The deodorizer absorbs up to 93.9% of ammonia. By replacing it within two months, LavvieBot S will remain free of odor, and maintain a pleasant environment for both you and your cat.

Easy to Wash

LavvieBot S can easily be cleaned with water. Simply press the 'Empty' button to open the side door and take out the detached litter tray, then clean with ease.