Perfectly Automatic

LavvieBot S cleans and refills automatically, however it still needs your care due to its mechanical characteristics like other regular automated litter boxes. It is important to wash the litter tray with water and fill with new litter every 3 to 4 weeks.


LavvieBot S, an automatic cat litter box equipped with a patented rotating rake mechanism. This rake may create little clumps smaller than its gap, however it helps scoop watery feces and urine on the side walls. Furthermore, you can detach and attach a separator and litter tray to help you clean the inside parts easily and keep your unit clean.

* Please note that you may encounter stuck waste issues on a litter tray when using this product due to various/different conditions and habits of cat’s bowel movement and litter types

1. Prevent Contamination
A protruding part of a separator minimizes direct contact of a rake and waste clumping.

2. Effective Design of Rake
A droplet shape on the sides of a rake prevents litter particles from solidifying between each gap.

3. Special Coating
A special coating invented and developed by PurrSong minimizes cat scratches and makes it easier to tear off stuck wastes on the tray.

4. Minimize Litter Loss
The separator moves forward and backward for three times to filter out the wastes and flattens the litter, thus minimizing the litter loss as it scoops out.

5. Automated Cleaning
LavvieBot S automatically commences cleaning process when a preset waiting time has passed after the cat uses the unit. The waiting time can be set between 10 to 60 minutes by 10 minute and it gives enough time for watery feces to dry up to be scooped away.


Litter Storage
You can put a total of 12L of cat litter, 7L in the litter storage where you store new litter and 5L in the litter tray where the cat does bowel movements.

Automatic Refill of Litter
New cat litter will be replenished as much as the amount of litter discarded from the tray. Even if the owner is not able to watch the litter box 24Hr, the litter amount of litter tray will be maintained.

Suitable Litter Types
Please use clumping litter and choose a correct litter type on the unit (the actual litter you are using and the litter type setting must match). Silica gel types or non-clumping litters can be used, but auto-refilling will not perform because it cannot form clumps. Long or oval-shaped particles are not compatiable with the product. Natural cat litters made of wheat or has a lighter weight than other regular natural litters is not suitable as well.

*If you want to use lightweight clumping clay litter even though it is not compatible with LavvieBot S, please set LITTER TYPE to NATURAL.