Mindfully Designed


LavvieBot S’s minimalistic design is tailored to be space-efficient and visually mesh with any setting. Its squared edges minimize dead space, fitting into every nook and cranny around the house.

Minimize 20% compared with other products
W49.5 X D 58.2 X H 70.4 cm

Who Can Use LavvieBot S?

(Footage of Large 16.5lb Cat Using LavvieBot S)

LavvieBot S can be used by most cat types except naturally large breeds such as Maine Coons and Savannah cats.

LavvieBot S’s tray dimensions (12.5*17*14.2”) are spacious enough to provide a comfortable setting for cats. The tray contains up to 5 liters of litter, which is 50%+ more than other automatic litter boxes.

Easy to Empty

LavvieBot S's waste drawer (16.1*4.7*6.3″) is large enough to collect waste for a maximum of 3 weeks (for one cat). To empty, simply discard the full plastic bag within, and re-line the waste drawer with a clean plastic bag, enabling LavvieBot S to collect waste for another 3 weeks.

Intuitive UI/UX

LavvieBot S's notification panel is designed for intuitive control and easy navigation.

Safety Guaranteed

LavvieBot S’s indented buttons prevent cats from pressing them. LavvieBot S also uses 3 separate sensors to recognize each cat and ensure its safety. If a cat were to enter during the auto-clean cycle, LavvieBot S’s front infrared sensor would detect its entry and safely retract the separator.

Litter-Free Life

LavvieBot S’s expertly designed entrance helps keep your house litter-free by letting residual litter fall from cats’ toes as they jump out.