Automatic Litter Box
19.5 * 22.9 * 27.7 (inches)
Rated Voltage
110~240V, 50~60Hz
Designed by
PurrSong / South Korea


Q. Will LavvieBot S clean watery stool?

A. If your cat’s stool is liquid-like, set LavvieBot S’s wait time to a longer period so that there is plenty of time for the stool to solidify before LavvieBot S can clean it effectively.

Q. Is there a size/weight limit?

A. LavvieBot S can be used by most cat breeds weighing more than 2.2 pounds, but not applicable to large size of breeds such as Maine Coons and Savannah Cats.

Q. Can cats with short or weak legs use LavvieBot S’s high entry point?

A. LavvieBot S's entry height is similar to that of a duplex hardwood litter box. If your cat has weak or short legs, we recommend setting a cushion or a cat ladder in front of LavvieBot S.

Q. Can I use a natural cat litter?

A. Only natural litter with small particles can be used with LavvieBot S.

Q. Can I use any bag for the waste drawer?

A. Given that the plastic bag is similar in size to the custom waste bag, or fits the waste drawer’s corners, you can use any plastic bag. If the size does not match, however, LavvieBot S could misrecognize the amount of waste within the bag. Thus, we recommend using the LavvieBot S waste bag.

Q. How much litter can LavvieBot S hold?

A. LavvieBot S can contain up to 405 oz of litter (170 oz on the waste tray and 235 oz on the litter storage).

Q. What happens when my cat enters LavvieBot S while it is cleaning?

A. If the cat enters LavvieBot S during cleaning mode, the front infrared sensor will instantly detect the movement and move the separator back safely.

Q. How many cats can use LavvieBot S?

A. There is no set limit to the number of cats per unit, but taking the life-cycle of the machine into consideration we do recommend two cats per one LavvieBot S.

Q. Can LavvieBot S differentiate between cats in a multi-cat household?

A. LavvieBot S can recognize each catif they weigh more than 1.6 pounds apart. However, we are working on PurrSong Pendant to help LavvieBot S distinguish and collect each cat’s data regardless of their weight. Please stay tuned!

Q. How much electricity does LavvieBot S use?

A. We assume it will cost about 2 dollars (USD) for electrical bill per month.

Q: Where can I buy a LavvieBot S?

A: The Lavviebot S is available at RobotShop.com for North-America and Europe.